Teaching Language Features and Language Devices

English exams in Norway

language-devices-1chj2hhAll three years in secondary high school, this will be a question in the exam. Write two or three paragraphs in which you point out how language features and literary devices are used in the text……… to persuade readers to…..

Here is my lesson plan for teaching language features and literary devices. Enjoy!

Lesson plan

Teacher presentation

  1. Powerpoint presentation  Writers’ use of language
  2. Powerpoint presentation Language Features and their effects
  3. Power point presentation language_powerpoint use this document to fill in info

Source: Tes connect

Student work

  1. Watch the introduction to an inspector calls plot summary
  2. Watch the an introduction to an inspector calls themes summary
  3. Work with this worksheet stressing all the points in Key language & structural features underline all the important parts. Character Notes AIC
  4. Look at image below and see how many of the language features you know


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