Using technology to connect

Connecting and learning

skypeInstead of discussing how technology is disrupting our traditional teaching and learning, we should be exploring the possibilities. We should be learning from other countries and contributing to the conversations about learning that are taking place online. How can we use technology to enhance learning and create connections? Teachers should be in the forefront of this discussion together with their students. It should be an ongoing conversations where policy and decision  makers trust the teachers and the students to make the right decisions. And since my own country has all the resources and the infrastructure needed, we should offer to help those who are struggling. Because one thing technology can do is to level the playing field and provide equal opportunities for all. What can we do to help students not only in our own classroom but in other countries? That is where our discussions should be today, not on how Facebook is distracting our students and when to shut down the laptop lids. Take a look at the two great examples below. Thanks to George Couros for the first one! WOW!

Two great examples of connecting students with senior citizens

The Speaking Exchange project

The school in the cloud



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