Innovative Ideas from Across the Globe

What can we learn from other countries?

In this video they take a look at countries making the big strides when it comes to 21st century learning skills. What happens when kids are teaching kids and no adults are present? In this video they take a look at the project “a hole in the wall”, and the results are staggering. Students are performing better on tests, and they learn by interacting with one another. And that is the main idea here. Empower the kids and let them take the lead in their own learning. Wake up folks; this is how kids learn! From each other. All we have to do is provide the tools. If you are looking for creativity this is the way to go.What if kids were actually empowered to be the change they wish to see in the world?

The design for giving contest

Announcing 100 change makers!

  1. Feel;  is there anything you feel strongly about and want to change?
  2. Imagine: brainstorming different ideas on what to do, finalize a solution: and come up with an idea on what to do
  3. Do: final step, go and do it!

The Infinite Thinking Machine, shows an episode where they highlight innovative ideas from across the globe, from the Hole-in-the-Wall experiment in India to the Design for Giving Contest at the Riverside School, to the progressive teaching and learning in San Francisco’s Urban School. Found at MindShift.

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