Google Maps for Educators – How to Get Started

Did you ever wonder where a special event took place?

Richard Byrne posted how to use Google Maps on Free Technology for Teachers. Using Google Maps in class is a great way to visualize places and distances when you are reading a book or discussing an event that took place in another country. You can make your own map and have the whole class collaborating and adding place marks. If the students are creative they can also embed videos on the map. To indicate a route you can draw lines from one place to the other. This would be a good idea if you are visualizing a journey.

For instructions on how to do this see his slides here:


  1. Very cool! My students are going on a Hong Kong Walkabout this coming Friday. Pairs or trios of students have planned routes around HK using public transportation. They must stop in at least three different parts of the city – and write for 20 minutes.

    They used Google maps to plan their trips – but you’ve given me the idea that students could use Google maps to present their trip – and their writing.

    Thanks for that!

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