MIT launches student-produced educational video initiative

Salman Khan, famous for the Khan Academy, spea...
Salman Khan, famous for the Khan Academy, speaking at TED 2011. Cropped from the original. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Original short videos, in collaboration with Khan Academy, aim to fuel K-12 students’ interest in engineering and science

MIT is turning its attention to younger students with the newly announced MIT+K12, developed with the Khan Academy. With this venture, MIT students will develop videos on science and engineering topics aimed at younger students.Some of the videos will also be featured on the Khan Academy. MIT is also working to make contact with students and teachers directly — such as through a traveling exhibit to be displayed April 27-29 at the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, D.C. (Source: MindShift)

The videos appear to be striking a chord with younger students: In a survey of 300 K-12 students who viewed some of the initial MIT+K12 videos, 73 percent indicated that the videos “showed me that science and engineering could be cool.” Sixty-two percent believed the videos added value to their classroom lessons on a given topic.

The students at MIT are among the very best in the world at what they do and MIT is now challenging their students to develop content aimed at kids from kindergarten throughout high school. Students are given access to MIT’s laboratories to do neat hand on demonstrations. This is about creating the best content possible by awesome, creative people who want to have an impact on other students’ learning experiences.  It is not faculty people filming lectures, it is about the students figuring out what could be a useful contribution and doing something about it. When it is made by students for students it has the chance of being much more relevant and get the kids excited as well.Here we will be able to see the face of future innovators! It is a great opportunity for the students who make these videos, but also for those who watch and are interested in learning about real world problems! This is a great initiative and it could very easily be adopted in other countries and at other levels. Students helping students, by using technology and enthusiasm! (Source MIT)

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