Collaborating with technology!

When arriving at Mamoeketsi primary school for the first time, we could not believe how we were greeted! The whole school was waiting for us outside in the school yard. Due to traffic we were at least 45 min. late. When the students saw us arriving the started to run to towards us to meet us! It was a moment I will never forget!


Our mission was to bring 11 laptops to the school and to show the students how to use technology in learning and collaborating. With the help from its learning we were also able to provide money for the internet satellite. Hopefully it will be installed by next month. With the help from a school in Stockholm a projector and projector screen were bought and set up for the first time when we arrived.


How to prevent global warming

Our project is about global warming and to compare the consequences of the climate changes in our two so different countries. The students at Mamoeketsi had researched the topic and now they typed their findings into their presentations. We had installed Ubuntu on all the laptops prior to our visit. That way we avoided software licenses costs. In addition Ubuntu uses less space and memory on the laptops. The only problem we encountered was using the usb modems they have. If you know an easy way to make this work, feel free to comment! I know the laptops will work well using wireless!


Sharing our story

On day two the Lesotho national broadcasting service came to make an interview for the 7pm news. They interviewed Moliehi Sekese, a student from the school, a student from Norway and me. We all told our story about how fortunate we are to have been connected and how much we look forward to continuing our work together. The segment was aired on national tv twice, once in Sesotho and later in English. They show scenes from the classroom, the presentation by the students from Lesotho and how the Norwegian students offer technical advice. We watched it during dinner with the Mamoeketsi teachers and it was great fun for all involved!


Skype in the classroom

Phase two of this project will be when they are able to connect to the internet and Skype with us on a regular basis. That way we can continue communicating and learning from each other! Once you open the lines of communication there is no limit to what you can do! I look forward to seeing how our relationship will continue to grow and how we will find new areas where we can collaborate.

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  1. Having vistors from Norway in our school was an honour in itself because through their donation of eleven laptops as well as their assistance regarding technology intergration in class, my learners gained a lot of knowledge which will help them in their every day learning as well as in the corperative world.
    Through skiping we have seen that we can learn a lot from each and keep our friendship growing. We are working hard towards connecting internet at school so that we can be able to communicate easily.
    Thanks once again to our lovely friends who have made possible for us to have internet at school.
    three years ago when we were busy selling oranges to get to the internet cafe we not did see any possibility of having internet at school but through the help of our beloved friends we will soon be part of the global village.
    Lastly winter always becomes a very bad time for my leaners particulaly those who do not have warm clothes but this year things are going to be different because our friends have bought clothes for my learners as well as school uniform. We wish to keep on collaborating on different issues concerning learners becuase we have seen that through exchanging of ideas learners can learn a lot from one another.

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