Asking the right questions

Day two of our visit to Mamoeketsi primary school is completed and we are having an amazing time here! 4 students and one teacher traveling all the way from Oslo Norway to Lesotho. Yesterday we arrived at the school with 11 laptop computers and many mobile phones and today the Lesotho television came to interview teachers and students from both schools. The reception here has been overwhelming, we can not thank the students and teachers enough. They have made us feel so welcome. We will miss their smiles and enthusiasm.

When you give a child the opportunity to use a computer, they catch on so fast. And the way they work together, often 3 with one laptop, is an inspiration!

It is like the African saying; if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together! We are certainly going far together in this project.

I can’t wait till the school gets Internet-connection next month and can start communicating with our students back home.

Asking the right questions

Every teacher and coach knows how important and difficult it is to ask the good questions. When the Norwegian students interviewed the not so well off Lesotho students it was hard for our friend Moliehi Sekese not to cry. Listening to the children talk about their family situations, 4 years since they last had new clothes, and their happy memory is from when their parents were still alive, we lost our words. But they all have dreams for the future, nurse, teacher, soldier and police. Let’s hope the computers will help them on their way. Education is the key in every society and the children bring hope for the future generation. Our Western computer concerns seem distant and irrelevant here where we are now!


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