This week in pictures – topics for oral presentations!

Lesson plan:

  1. Work in your groups of 3/4
  2. To start this lesson read the points listed here “how to present in class“. In your group discuss 3 points you think are important, 3 points you are good at and 3 points where you need to improve.
  3. Decide on 3 or 4 events that took place this week to present, one for each one in the group. Do the research and find information about your picture. In your presentations, you are only allowed to use the pictures you find listed in the resources found below. In your group be sure to have to pictures that include events in both Europe and the US.
  4. Make a presentation about your news. Presentations should be about 3 minutes. Present this for the rest of the group. Later we will do this for the whole class.
  5. Make a radio show where you discuss the news. Change roles in the group being the presenter and the news expert. Everyone has to speak about their picture. Use a recorder on your phone or Pc/mac and send it to me!


  1. Week in pictures NBC
  2. Days in pictures BBC
  3. Pictures of the week TimePhotos
  4. The week in pictures The Telegraph


  1. Before starting this lesson the students should download the rubric to be used in assessment, oral presentation news 2011  and discuss the difference between advanced, proficient and developing.

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