Basic Search Education Lesson Plans

Basic Search Education Lesson Plans

Web search might not be as easy as you might think. And it certainly looks like schools take it for granted that all the students now how to search for material. Teaching my class yesterday I reminded then that they should only use pictures marked free to use or share using Google images advanced search. My second year high school students did not know how to do this. I showed them some of the links I have shared on my web-page like Behold and 4free Photos. It reminded me that it is a good idea to spend time teaching students how to search on the web. Free technology for teachers suggested using the lesson plans found at Google search evangelism site where you will find education lessons  developed by Google Certified Teachers and the Search Education team. The lessons are short, modular and not specific to any discipline so you can mix and match to what best fits the needs of your classroom. Additionally, all lessons come with a companion set of slides (and some with additional resources) to help you guide your in-class discussions. They are all under Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike, so feel free to adapt them and use them as you see fit! Just please link back to this page(Text and table found at Google Search Education Evangelism)

Start out
(Basic lessons)
Step up
(Intermediate lessons)
On top
(Advanced lessons)
imageUnderstanding search engines What is the Web? Google landing The keys to search city
imageSearch technique and strategies Which links should I follow? Mixed media

Believe it or not
imageFeatures and operators Hello operator Quick finds
Slicing & dicing


  1. I’m always surprised, though perhaps I shouldn’t be, that even many of my ICT students don’t know how to search effectively using search engines. Thanks for pointing me to these resources.

  2. I have also noticed that teenage students are quite naive about net searches. Mostly they just rush to Wikipedia or the first Google link they get! They need to be systematically guided but the problem, at least in our school, is that it is not really anybody’s specific job, so no teacher focuses on it. We just assume that students will sort it out themselves. ICT lessons are often spent on more technical stuff.
    Thank you for these useful links! I, myself, will have to start learning first!

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