Writing better blog posts

Here are some useful tips I found at the Edublogger web-page on how to write better blog posts and get more readers! It applies both to teachers and students and I have included the headlines here. For more information see this web-page. Posted by Sue Waters on Monday, April 18th 2011

  1. Use attention grabbing titles
  2. Use short paragraphs
  3. Use headings
  4. Remember to link
  5. Use images effectively
  6. Enhance with embedded media
  7. Subscribe to your post
  8. Don’t format like Word
  9. Have a blogging routine
  10. Advice on what to blog about

Classroom applications:

  1. In groups of 3 or 4 study all 10 points as found on this webpage and discuss how important you think each of the points are.
  2. Each member of the group should chose one blog post they have written earlier. The group should study the posts and grade them according to points decided on by the group. Give suggestions on how to change the post to get maximum points on this rubric.
  3. Edit your own post accordingly and then comment your group members edited posts. Use phrases from this webpage to comment on the improvements. Points on commenting can be found here.
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