Voices from the learning revolution

I am very proud to announce a new initiative at Powerful Learning Practice: Voices from the Learning Revolution At PLP one of our core values is to build capacity in others and more specifically, our PLPeeps. We believe part of our role is to create educational change agents who have a well informed voice and know how to use it.  Here is our first step at making that happen which I copied from the PLP blog. Quote Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach.

Some months ago I was invited to join this new group blog, where multiple voices from the Powerful Learning Practice (PLP) communities tell their stories about connected and shifted learning. This blog is about educators and schools and their stories about what needs to change. It is about the collective us and we all share share a powerful vision about the future of learning.

They have  titled the  blog “Voices from the Learning Revolution” and what we have in common is that we are  leaving behind outdated practices and mindsets and shifting toward the kind of connected, digitally infused teaching and learning that we know our 21st century students need.

I would like to start off by having my students read “the courage to change” and watch the video with Shelley’s students. And I would like them to comment on the article and reflect on how we are doing this at our school!

I hope many will read and join in the discussions! I know I am looking forward to reading what my fellow bloggers have to say! Who we are? Have a look here.

I would love to hear from you