TED talks for use in class

In the “history teacher’s attic” I found a great list of Ted talks where the material has been sorted out making it easier for educators to discover something appropriate for the sifferent  disciplines. This is a great list to use when preparing for class. Click here to find the full list. I found this site via Larry Ferlazzo’s great website about storytelling. I have only added some of the topics that are of most interest to me! Enjoy!

Technology/Computers in Education  
Evan Williams How Twitter’s spectacular growth is being driven by unexpected uses 0:08:00
Erik Hersman Erik Hersman on reporting crisis via texting 0:03:56
Tim Berners-Lee The next Web of open, linked data 0:16:23
Brenda Laurel Why didn’t girls play videogames? 0:13:08
Juan Enriquez Beyond the crisis, mindboggling science and the arrival of Homo evolutis 0:18:50
David Merrill Siftables, the toy blocks that think 0:07:09
James Surowiecki The moment when social media became the news 0:16:59
Earth Science/Environment  
Al Gore 15 ways to avert a climate crisis 0:16:17
Juan Enriquez Why can’t we grow new energy? 0:18:10
Sir Ken Robinson Do schools kill creativity? 0:19:24
Richard Baraniuk Goodbye, textbooks; hello, open-source learning 0:18:34
Alan Kay A powerful idea about teaching ideas 0:20:37
Stuart Brown Why play is vital — no matter your age 0:26:42
Mae Jemison Mae Jemison on teaching arts and sciences together 0:14:48
Sugata Mitra Can kids teach themselves? 0:20:59


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