Sharing documents in class

Windows Live SkyDrive
Image by 阿國 via Flickr

This is a follow up to my post “planning the semester“. These are some of the most important points:

Make an official team for note taking (new students every week).  Review the notes for accuracy 15 minutes before the end of the class – really important. The whole class together writes the text book together and let the students use the Internet while taking notes.

Easy! We use OneNote in class. If the whole class collaborates and write together, we will have our own textbook by the end of the year. The great advantage of using OneNote is that it is easy to organize, the document is saved instantly and the students will have it on their computer on the day of the exam. In Norway the Internet is closed when the students have exams.

How:? Use SkyDrive and your windows live account. I have made an easy step by step tutorial here!Enhanced by Zemanta

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