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My weekly visit to Technology for teachers gave me this: Developing Critical Thinking Through Web Research

When I ask my students, 2nd year high school, if they know how to search on the interent they all say yes. And if I ask them to grade there ict knowledge they will easily give out A+! What I find is that they do not know how to evaluate what they find and discern the good from the bad. And I really agree with Richard Byrne; That’s where we come in as teachers. You might want to start with the book offered by Microsoft.  Developing Critical Thinking Through Web Research Skills. The ebook presents strategies for teaching Internet search skills and strategies for evaluating information. The ebook also links to many additional resources for teaching web search strategies.

I also agree that Howard Rheingold’s wiki “Critical Thinking Compendium!” is worth a visit. I am actually one of the 90 organizers there!

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