The Nobel Peace Prize 2009, Oslo Norway

Obama - Nobel Peace Prize - Oslo.....
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President Obama’s acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize in Norway 10.12.09

Watch the of the speech here:

The whole speech Nobel Peace prize speech. (doc Nobel Peace prize speech)

Tasks for the class:

Read the text and underline all places that mention:

  1. War and conflicts
  2. Former Nobel winners
  3. Why he won the prize and concerns
  4. All the words you do not understand
  5. Where he quotes others
  6. Where he speaks to the American people
  7. Mentioning great people changing history

Answer these question:

  1. What was the Marshall Plan?
  2. Why is Obama humbled by this award?
  3. Who was  Woodrow Wilson and why was he awarded the Nobel peace prize?
  4. Who are some of the previous winners that he mentions?
  5. According to Obama, what is a just reason for war?
  6. What are Obama’s 3 ways to avoid war and keep the peace?
  7. What “old architecture” is buckling?
  8. What does Obama mean by a “gradual evolution of human institutions”? Where is this quote from?
  9. Why can’t Obama be guided by the example of King and Gandhi alone?

Read at least 3 reviews about the speech. Quote what in your opinion are the best arguments in favor of the speech. Specifically say something about how newspapers in the US (the New York Times), (commentary New York Times) (new commentary Boston Globe) write about the speech in contrast to Norwegian newspapers. And how about  Europe?

Peace Prize time line.

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