President Obama’s visit to Norway!

Nobel Peace Center
Image by koolb via Flickr

Letter to Sandvika high school, Norway

We would like to thank you for your thoughtful letter and sharing with us the impressive project your students have put together at Sandvika High School. Your request to have the President speak at your school was passed along to the White House advance team, which is responsible for all scheduling. As you know, the President is only in Oslo for a brief period of time, with a full schedule of events put together by the White House, in coordination with the Nobel Institute and the Norwegian Government. Due to his pressing commitments during this very short visit, we are not able to fit in any additional events for the President, and unfortunately have to decline your thoughtful request. We sincerely thank you for your support of President Obama and his Peace Prize, and ask that you extend our gratitude to the students of Sandvika High School.

Kind regards, Kristina Boraas, Protocol Office, U.S. Embassy, Oslo


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