When every student has a computer!


  1. To prepare the students for the semester at our 1-1 computer school
  2. To explore you own dependency on social media

    By Liv K Høgvold
    By Liv K Høgvold

Reading material:

  1. Read this article in Newsweek
  2. Read this article from Washington Post
  3. Listen to this lecture from Linda Stone Microsoft.
  4. Read this article “Attention class” in the Boston globe
  5. Breakfast can wait – social media is dictating the way we spend out family time.
  6. Pick an article to read or listen to the video at this website by Howard Rheingold
  7. Read both articles by Will Richardson, On technoslavery and if every student had a computer

Teaching methods:

  1. Divide class in groups of 4. (if more then 16 student repeat some of the groups)
  2. First group reads all articles on the computer alone. No restrictions. Individually make questions checking for understanding.
  3. Second group reads articles on computer, no other sites allowed. They discuss each article after reading. In the group, make questions checking for understanding.
  4. Third group gets handouts and reads them. No use of computers. No discussion. Individually make questions checking for understanding.
  5. Forth group gets handouts. They dived reading material amongst the group. they discuss and explain their findings. In group make questions checking for understanding.
  6. One from each group joins to form a new group. Look at the questions and discuss. Who has the most to contribute. Did the different ways of preparing make a difference? Discuss.
  7. Write an entry on your blog were you discuss the use of computers in class
  8. Time for reflection – each student shares with partner their personal views on the subject – can you change your habits – should you? Do you want to?

Made based on information found reading blogg entries by Will Richardson and Howard Rheingold

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