Starting our OneNote project with students

OneNote 14
Image by gholzer via Flickr


  1. To enhance the learning in a computer based classroom
  2. To help the students find ways to use the computers pedagogically!

Teaching methods:

  1. Introduce the program OneNote in class
  2. Teach different ways for the students to organize their schoolwork and be able to find the notes during exam
  3. How to stay on task in class (no Facebook, Msn or Youtube). “it’s that I want my students to learn that attention is a skill that must be learned, shaped, practiced; this skill must evolve if we are to evolve“. Copied from article by Howard Rheingold.
  4. Using co-operative learning – working together to be smarter!

Means and goals!

  1. Doing better at exams!
  2. Learning new computer skills


  1. The project involves 3 schools in Norway. Sandvika vgs, Elvebakken vgs and St. Hallvard vgs. At Sandvika vgs alone, 280 students will participate.
  2. Updates will be posted here!

Articles to read on the subject:

  1. If every student had a computerWill Richardson
  2. Attention literacyHoward Rheingold
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