Death by Power Point!

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If using computers in class means hours of Power Point presentations both by teachers and students, then we are in for a big surprise! Extensive use of presentations to end a class will kill the students’ interest of the subject. Look at this Life after death by Power Point.
Here as some good points to bear in mind. Death by PowerPoint. Also look here for good point on what to avoid and what to remember. The power of pictures is where Power Point shines. Use pictures instead of text if you can. Be careful using humor! Use diagrams to explain your points. You can then go back and forth and make comparisons. Watch professor Bill Condon talk about this. Part 2. All new information should be connected to something the students already know. You might also consider using Windows Movie maker to make a film of your presentation. That way the students might watch it before an exam or test! If you have a topic where you want your students to make their own presentations I suggest doing it like this:

Teaching methods:

  1. The students work in pairs – give time limit and criteria for a good Power Point presentation
  2. Students give presentation to other students. (groups of 2 are now groups of 4) Leave a paper next to each pair. When students listen to a presentation they give marks for how good the presentation is.
  3. Every student gets to listen to at least 3 different presentations.
  4. The 2 best presentations (decided by points given by students) are given to the the whole class.
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