Teaching “In cold blood”

In Cold Blood
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  1. To study the film/book “In Cold Blood”
  2. To learn more about the Usa in the 1950’s

Student activities:

  1. Read about Truman Capote here.
  2. Read all the articles here
  3. Watch this interview with Truman Capote
  4. Truman Capote on Dick Cavett show
  5. Study the evolution of the household in the Usa starting in the 1950’s


  1. Write an article on your blog about the book
  2. Write an article about the murders
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3 replies

  1. Hi Ann!

    Nice plan, are you planning to use it in our class?

  2. I might. Did it with my class last year. It is a good movie/book!

  3. Hi! My English teacher also made us work on in Cold Blood and I enjoyed it.

    I was thrilled by the movie and Capote’s life that I made a pearltrees about it.

    It might interest you:

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