Lesson plan; Reflecting at the End of the School Year

Lesson plan

Ask the students if they ever write a journal. According to this Times article, scientific studies have shown a regular practice can help with both physical and mental health. Start off by discussing these questions.

Write a journal.

  • What do you want to remember about this school year? Why?
  • What surprised you?
  • What challenged you?
  • What successes are you most proud of?
  • What did you learn, whether in or out of school?
  • How have you grown?
  • How could you build on that growth next year?

Draw a More/Less List.

Grab a piece of paper and draw a line down the center to create your drawing area. On the left, write the word “More” at the top. On the right, write the word “Less.” Now think of the things that you enjoyed this year (you can also imagine things that would bring you joy in the future). Once you have an idea, draw a simple icon to represent it and draw it in the More column. If you want more jogging in your life, maybe draw a sneaker. Do the same for the Less side: If you want less social media, maybe draw a phone.

Make a playlist.

What music sums up this year for you? Make a list and explain your choices to others via short written annotations that express what’s notable or evocative about these songs, what they help you remember, and why they have been a meaningful part of your 2022-23 soundtrack.

Teach a new skill.

What unique, useful or interesting skills did you acquire this year, in or out of school? Could you teach them to others? Keep in mind that these new skills can be very small — more “I learned how to use a semicolon” than “I wrote a novel.”

Change your mind.

Learning often means changing your mind. As you deepen your understanding of a topic, your thinking becomes more nuanced. Was there an important topic or issue about which you changed your mind this year? How did that happen?Finally, think about what you learned from revising an opinion, whether it was about something in the news, an academic subject or an issue in your personal life. How could the process of rethinking your opinion help you in the future?

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