Writing Prompts to Spark Discussion and Reflection

Looking for some starters for a discussion? Or maybe a topic to write about to learn more about the level of your students? Here are some interesting questions to use.

Each question is based on a different New York Times article, interactive feature or video.

For ideas on how to use these Student Opinion prompts in your classroom, you might consult this comprehensive teacher’s guide, which includes practical strategies from a dozen educators. The prompts are organized into two sections: questions that lend themselves well to persuasive writing, and questions that encourage narrative writing. Here are the five most popular writing prompts: 5 Writing Prompts That Got Teenagers Talking. Source; The New York Times.

  1. Should There Be a Minimum Voting Age?
  2. Should College Be Free?
  3. Should Parents Give Children More Responsibility at Younger Ages?
  4. How Much Should Speech Be Moderated on Social Media?
  5. Is Teen Mental Health in a State of Crisis?
  6. Should We Be More Optimistic About Efforts to Combat Climate Change?
  7. If Two Songs Sound Alike, Is It Stealing?
  8. What Should Be Done About the Gender Pay Gap in Sports?
  9.  Do You Think It Is Time to Get Rid of Daylight Saving Time?
  10.  Should We Bring Back Animals From Extinction?
  11. Should There Be Limits on How Much Time Young People Spend Playing Video Games?
  12.  Are Zoos Immoral?
  13. What Can History Teach Us About Resilience?
  14.  What Do You Think About Efforts to Ban Books From School Libraries?
  15.  Can Laziness Be a Good Thing?
  16. What Are Your Thoughts About Hunting Animals?
  17. Are You a Fan of ‘School Accounts’ on Social Media?
  18. How Worried Should We Be About Our Democracy?
  19.  Do Celebrities and Influencers Make You Want to Buy What They’re Selling?
  20.  Does Your Family Need to Cut Down On Screen Time?
  21. How Useful Is It to Be Multilingual?
  22. How Good Are You at Handling Challenging School Work?
  23. How Much Does Having a ‘Dream Job’ Matter to You?
  24.  How Good Are You at Recycling?
  25.  How Have You Experienced Extreme Weather?
  26.  Are You Optimistic About the Future?
  27.  What Is the Bravest Thing You’ve Ever Done?



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