What Edtech Can Learn from Covid Vaccines

Here is an interesting article I read in EdSurge, about the difference between introducing new educational technologies and how efficacy research in the development of drugs is required by law.

When you think about how much money is spent on edtech products each year in schools, you would think there would be a requirement for research to back up its usefulness? In the United States, schools spend between $26 billion and $41 billion each year on edtech products. I do not know how much we spend in Norway, too much most likely. Many education companies collect millions on products bought by school districts without any research to back up their usefulness.

So as a result, it is reasonable to believe that a lot of money has been used on ed-tech without the desired result.  Many products are barely used, used inequitably, or not used at all. Money that could have been spent on more teachers, and smaller classes.

If we want to see students and teachers meaningfully supported by edtech, our schools need reliable information about which products are most likely to work for their students in their unique environments. Schools also urgently need information about how to implement edtech products most effectively.

Read the whole article here: EdSurge.

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