50 crazy ideas to change education

I just read this article by Terry Heick. Although it is influenced by an American way of thinking school, at least that is my opinion, there are a lot of takeaways. You can read the whole post here at Teachthought.com

Here are my favourite 10.

  1. Don’t require students to come to school. Don’t make attendance compulsory. Make classrooms places students want to be.
  2. Make connectivity and interdependence the catalyst for all learning
  3. Use video and live streaming as a supplement to textbooks, not instead of.
  4. Stop claiming every child will be proficient. (Find something else to promise)
  5. Have students design their own quality criteria, and develop frameworks to help them understand how.
  6. Listen to teachers.
  7. If students under perform (regardless of the terms of said performance), hold them accountable as well. Find a way–and it can’t be punishment. It has to be meaningful, possibly social, and absolutely knowledge-based.
  8. Every teacher is an expert in something. Use that expertise to lift your school and district.
  9. Stop oversimplifying teaching and learning.
  10. Let teachers drive their own professional development



  1. I love how you talk teachers being experts and listening to teachers. They have varied knowledge on all sorts of topics which can be a very valuable resource.

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