Super Bowl Commercials 2021

Jeep persuaded Bruce Springsteen to appear in his first commercial ever, a two-minute call for national unity

“It’s no secret the middle has been a hard place to get to lately, between red and blue, servant and citizen, freedom and fear,” Springsteen intones, adding “we need the middle.”

Faced with the challenge of promoting products in a difficult time, some companies referenced the nation’s struggles in their marketing messages, while others went for nostalgia. You can find a list of the commercials here.

Student activities:

The commercials aired during Super Bowl are always special. Read this article and write a review on your blog where you:

  1. Describe the different commercials, pick at least 3.
  2. Explain what political undertones they promote, do they have anything in common?
  3. What was the deal about Norway? How would you describe this commercial? 
  4. Decide on a winner. Explain your choice!
  5. Explain why the Super Bowl is such a big deal in the USA.


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