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I just read about this in Barbra Oakley’s newsletter I get every Friday. I haven’t tried this yet, but I thought I’d share it here. I’m thinking about all the students left on their own during this pandemic. And yes, most countries are starting the vaccination these days. We started with patients in selected nursing homes today in Norway. But let’s face it, it’s a long and whining road ahead. So anything that might help our student remember the facts to connect the dots, is a good thing. That is why I’m sharing the article here. Enjoy. And look here to sign in

The new, useful features just don’t stop coming with Barb’s favorite flashcard system, IDoRecall.  The new native desktop apps for Windows and Mac computers has just launched. This desktop version works even when you don’t have an Internet connection, since all of your content is stored locally on your machine. It syncs with the cloud when there is a connection so that if you switch back to the browser version on your computer or phone, your account will be up to date. With the new notetaking feature, you can create linked spaced-repetition flashcards (recalls) to the facts, formulas, and concepts in your notes that you want to remember, just like you do with the other files and videos in your iDoRecall library. When you practice a recall linked to a note, if you struggle with an answer, just click the source link, the note will open at the relevant.  One thing we especially love about iDoRecall is its intuitive simplicity, but if you’d like to do a deep dive into its based-on-solid-science underpinnings, here’s an hour-long exploratory video.  Educators are encouraged to reach out to David from their school email addresses to arrange a free trial. 




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