Teaching how to evaluate a speech in terms of its purpose

The art of persuasions

I have earlier shared a lesson plan on how to win a debate. These days we are witnessing how to win an election where the stakes are pretty high. At least that is my opinion. Normally the 2020 Democratic National Convention would have been a live event with participants from all over the country. This year it was a virtual event held from August 17 to 20, 2020, at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and virtually across the United States.

The messages in the many speeches here are clear, this is a crucial time for the American people. Some call it the end of democracy if Donald Trump gets 4 more years. The Fragile Republic; American Democracy Has Never Faced So Many Threats All at Once.

Lesson plan

Watch the videos below and in groups of 2 or 4 use this scorecard for speeches. 1-4 with an explanation.  scorecard for speecesThe list was found in Forbes, for explanations s look at the article here.

  1. Be Memorable
  2. Have a Structure
  3. Don’t Waste the Opening
  4.  Strike the Right Tone
  5.  Humanize Yourself
  6. Repeat Yourself
  7. Use Transitions
  8.  Include Theatrics
  9. End Strong
  10. Keep it Short


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