Three key items that education technologies must offer for teachers.

Teachers’ ability to effectively use technology

I just read this article about what education technology tools must offer for teachers to start using them. After homeschooling for several months,, teachers are reporting that their ability to effectively use technology has improved markedly. One of the benefits of working online was that many teachers saw the need for producing materials–YouTube videos and making resources–available to ensure access for all the students, in one place, to access outside of school.

The question we need to ask ourselves now is how will this play in the times to come? First of all who knows what the fall will look like for schools around the world. If I was to guess, most schools in Europe will be open for students, perhaps in smaller groups for shorter periods of time. In the USA it looks like many will struggle to open up and online learning might be the option for months forward. Either way, how will the use of technology change in schools around the world?

In the article I read here, they highlight 3 important areas for technology to be used in school, it has to;

  1.  Save teachers time;
  2. Extend the reach of teachers;
  3. And deepen their understanding of their students.

That list implies that education technology must help teachers with something that they are prioritizing or doing on a regular basis. It cannot layer “just one more thing” on top of a teacher’s already busy workday. Three critical considerations for teachers to adopt technology By: 

Meaning technology used in class has to help teachers accomplish something they are already trying to do at least as efficiently, if not more so.

I think the article gives an interesting list of what is important for schools around the world today. In my county, we have been working with an LMS for more than 25 years. Now we are relying on Microsoft teams as an LMS. I am not sure how that will work out and what areas of improvement we will be seeing here. If you look at the listed below we are looking for all of the points below. Take the third point for instance. That said I do not agree with all of the points. Personalized learning, for instance, is in my opinion only good when working with certain basic functions where you need to understand a concept to move on.

First, enable quicker feedback and more of it to enhance student learning in the same way a tutor could.

Second, technology can create experiences that are hard or impossible to do in a traditional environment.

Third, technology can create data that helps other parts of the system improve by understanding where do students get stuck and the like.

Fourth, when technology is used well, Berger said it can enable greater productivity. That is, it can automate certain manual and laborious processes.

Fifth, technology can enable more personalization and self-direction by responding to what a student needs to learn next..

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