How to engage your students when the alternative is distance learning

How are we doing so far?

There are plenty of articles about distance learning. Some like it, some don’t. Some learn more some learn less. Many are working hard many are not, but almost everyone misses their friends. That sums up our situation today. All we can do is wait for the green light to start school again. And while waiting I would like to recommend visiting this website. The New York Times.

Maybe you’d tell a story, perhaps about a childhood memory, an experience that changed your life, or a bad romance. Or maybe you’d rather interview guests about a topic you’re exploring, whether a news-related issue like gun violence or gender roles, or a hobby, passion or concern of your own? Or, maybe you’d just like to have a conversation — about pop culture, sports, food, fashion, technology, politics, or, if you’re stuck, any of these 1,000-plus topics we’ve rounded up to inspire you.

In our Third Annual Podcast Challenge, we invite teenagers to submit original work, of five minutes or less. Our favorites will then be featured on The Learning Network.



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