Social media influencers and the climate emergency

Student-Led Interdisciplinary Lesson

Welcome to a collaborative cross-curricular project

This week we are teaming up to work with students at Lindenhurst High school, Long Beach. A couple of years ago 16 students and two teachers, one being me, visited this school. The year after they came to visit us. Read more about that project here:

This year we are collaborating on a project with this topic “the climate emergency,; how can young people make an impact”.

Pre-lesson activity

  1. Briefly explain to students why we are collaborating on this lesson in an interdisciplinary format. See more info here
  2. New data shows the climate emergency is getting worse every day and is impacting people’s lives everywhere (whether from extreme heat, air pollution, wildfires, intensified flooding or droughts.)  Question: How are teens receiving and responding to news about climate change? Answer the question in the Padlet below.

Lesson plan

  1. In groups of 4 watch the videos and go through the sources below
  2. Answer the questions on the padlet as a group. Remember to write your names and where you are from
  3. Decide on a plan for how you want to present the work you do on this topic, choices are; presentation, video, podcast, blog post, article or a combination of all.
  4. Share the result on the Padlet.


  1. Article: Climate Change: Where we are in seven charts and what you can do to help. BBC
  2. The Top Environmentalists to Follow on Instagram.
  3. 9 questions about climate change you were too embarrassed to ask.
  4. U.S. Gov statement at COP25.
  5. NASA Chart on the evidence of climate change. NASA
  6. Climate Time Machine.

Australian links;

  1. Smoke in Sydney bushfire
  2. The catastrophic fire danger for South Australia, au
  3. Firestorms and flaming tornadoes,
  4. Watch the video below.


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