How to use technology in class; workshop

Connected Teaching and Learning

Join us for the workshop on the 11th of March

  1. We start off look at the new curriculum in English. Udir
  2. Produce different texts in collaboration with others, reflecting on global challenges
    1. Use a blog as a means to share your work and your students’
    2. Use Padlet
    3. Use Skype. (Skype in the classroom)
    4. Twitter as a tool for educators
    5. Example here.
  3. Democracy and Citizenship, looking at studying in English speaking countries. Reflecting on our role as a citizen of the global community
    1. Can you create value in the world?
    2. Do we need to get rid of our phones? 
    3. How to detect fake news
    4. Study abroad
  4. Deeper learning, and how to interact through the use of digital tools in informal and formal contexts
    1. Deeper learning and the digital revolution
    2. New pedagogy for deeper learning
    3. Close reading
    4. Surviving poverty and homelessness
  5. Locally and globally, reflect on global challenges
    1. The Kiva…

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