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Useful search engine when studying social studies

Google Dataset search is great when you are looking for statistics to use in your research in school. Both teachers and students will find useful graphs when preparing a topic. And students who are presenting in class can use graphs to explain their topic. It beats presentations with too much writing.  Not to mentions when you are preparing for your oral exam.

Datasets have become increasingly important over the years, as they provide comprehensive periodical data that can be used by multiple academic, government, educational, and research-based organizations. Statistics provide a quantitative outlook into various projects, competitions, or research work, and helps determine its success and faults.

Datasets are very much available and can be found using search engines. With the abundance of datasets, it is only fitting that Google releases a version of their search engine that specializes in looking for these valuable pieces of data. Google Dataset Search aims to make looking for datasets much more efficient and provide data from different parts of the world. This new search tool from Google is still at the beta stage, with more updates and user input is taken into consideration on the possible improvements. For now, here’s how Google Dataset Search works, and how you can find different kinds of datasets. Source: A Guide to using Google Dataset Search. 

tem that will encourage data publishers to follow best practices for data storage and publication and b) giving scientists a way to show the impact of their work through citation of datasets that they have produced.

As more dataset repositories use schema.org and similar standards to describe their datasets. I found the chart below using the search words; women in politics UK. The other graph was from searching Women in politics US. Very interesting to see the representation in both parties. At least something is happening with the women in the Democratic party.




Thanks to Eric Curts for providing the links here.

Statistica is another place you can find useful numbers. Here is one on gun ownership in the USA used in mass shootings.

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