Teaching varieties of English and English as a world language

Competency goals:

  1. Listen to and understand social and geographic variations of English from authentic situations.
  2. Discuss and elaborate on the growth of English as a universal language


  1. Decide on 3 countries to write about
  2. You can find a list of dialects of the English language list here
  3. Look here for some examples, Singapore English,South Africa, Indian, Chinese.
  4. Read this article about “who speaks English” in the Economist.
  5. The EF EPI 2011 report compares adult English proficiency around the world. The report is packed with insights including an overview of who is learning English and how they do it and a discussion of the role English plays around the world in 2011. Download report here. and read it.
  6. English; The days of English as the world’s second language may (slowly) be ending, read this article
  7. The difference between American and British English, the cast of Harry Potter figure out that the best way to quickly turn British into American is to lean on the “rhotic” r-sound that most British English speakers don’t pronounce after vowels at the end of syllables.


  1. Write an entry on your blog where you incorporate the two goals listed above.
  2. Make a talk show like the Graham Norton show where you try to do as many different accents as possible.

Scottish accent – too difficult to understand?

  1. Take time to watch the youtube video below and explain how to pronounce the number 11!
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  1. Dear Ms. Michaelsen,

    Are Dr. Susko and Ms. Dana in your school? They list your email address as their URL for Student Blogging Challenge.

    May Sandvik Wohlafka

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