Digital Citizenship in Action

I recently read this book Digital citizenship in action, because I want to include some points from it in the revision of my book; the digital classroom in Norwegian. Here are my highlights from the book. The book is written by Dr. Kristen Mattson, a former English teacher and current high school Library Media Center Director in Aurora, Illinois. This is her webpage. The book includes:

  • Tips for creating a digital space where students can try something new, grow through mistakes, and learn what it means to be a citizen in different spaces.
  • “Spotlight Stories” from teachers engaged with participatory digital citizenship that demonstrate how these ideas play out in actual classrooms.
  • Featured activities to help you integrate these ideas into your classroom. Source: ISTE

What I liked were the questions to ask your students when they start school. She calls it “Getting to know you” digital citizen survey. She has these categories:

Questions about access;

  • Who are your role models on social media; and why?
  • Wich websites or apps do you use.

Questions about online activity

  • Image result for technical skills students fun cartoonsWhen you are online, what websites do you spend the most time on?
  • What are your preferred methods for communication with friends?
  • If you consider all of the time you spend on your devices in one week, what percentage of that time is spent reading/researching/learning for school?
    • Playing games?
    • Communicating with friends?
  • Do you pay attention to local and world news?
  • If so where do you get your news?
  • Have you purchased something online?
  • If so, what was it?
  • What is one thing adults falsely assume about teenagers and technology?
  • What is one thing you wish adults knew about teenagers and technology?

Questions about skill level

  • Describe how you keep your digital files organized.
  • When you are not sure how to do something with technology, like downloading a Youtube video, what steps do you do to get an answer?
  • Describe how you would handle a situation in which someone publicly insults you on social media?
  • What technological skills do you have that you could teach to someone else?
  • What is one technical skill that you wish you were better with?




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