Christmas tree traditions, Everybody needs a friend

A gift from Norway

The time of the year to be reminded that everybody needs a friend. It is the time of the year to think about what you plan to do next year and what kind of person you want to be. My wish is to work on relationships, see people, and be kind. And some humor is good too! Enjoy the story about The Christmas Tree!

The Trafalgar Square Christmas tree has been an annual gift to the people of Britain by the city of Oslo as a token of gratitude for British support to Norway during the Second World War.

The tradition of a Norwegian Christmas Tree to London was established in 1947, thanking the British people for their assistance given to Norway during the Second World War. Every year, a tall spruce has be felled in Oslo’s forests around mid-November and then shipped over the North Sea.

This year’s tree has been in Nordmarka for around 80 years, and is now going to light up in the British capital from 6 December and throughout Christmas.

The attendance at the Nordmarka event included Oslo’s Mayor Marianne Borgen (SV), Lindsey Hall, Mayor of the Westminster borough of London where Trafalgar Square is located, and Richard Wood, British ambassador to Norway.

Wood has only been an ambassador for a few months, so it’s the first time he is witnessing the tree felling.

“A beautiful place and a wonderful tree,” says Wood from the forest in Nordmarka.

The Ambassador says that everyone in London knows about the tree and knows where it comes from.

“This is a nice tradition and not only reminds us of what has been, but also symbolizes the close friendship between our two countries,” said Wood.

Also Mayor Marianne Borgen emphasizes that, in addition to being a thank-you for the help the British gave us during the war, it is also a visible evidence of friendship between Oslo and London.

“Everybody need friends, even cities need friends, so I think this is a very nice tradition,” says the Mayor to NRK. Source: Norway today


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