Noam Chomsky on Pittsburgh Attack:

Revival of Hate Is Encouraged by Trump’s Rhetoric – The nation is continuing to grieve the 11 Jewish worshipers who were gunned down at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh Saturday in what is being described as the worst anti-Semitic attack in U.S. history. Funerals were held Thursday for three more victims of the shooting: husband and wife Sylvan and Bernice Simon, and Richard Gottfried. Robert Bowers, who is accused of the mass shooting, pleaded not guilty Thursday. Bowers is charged with 44 counts, including murder and hate crimes. We speak with Noam Chomsky, the world-renowned professor, linguist and dissident, about the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh and other recent white supremacist and right-wing attacks. Democracy Now! is an independent global news hour that airs weekdays on nearly 1,400 TV and radio stations Monday through Friday. Watch our live stream 8-9AM ET:

Lesson plan

Watch the interview below and look at the points below. While watching take notes to use in your discussion. After the video in groups of 3 discuss the following issues. 

  1. The caravan of people
  2. Praising somebody who body slams a reporter
  3. Anger and fear
  4. What has happened to the general population in the US the last 40 years?
  5. Why is the life expectancy stagnating in the US?
  6. Bitterness and angriness
  7. What is the significance of the videos shown here?
  8. Labour unions
  9. The shooting in the Jewish synagogue
  10. Israel and Palestine
  11. Weapons that aim to maim
  12. Requiem for the American dream
  13. The sixth extinction
  14. The headline


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