Finding your motivation and getting the job done

This article I read “Get more things done with these interesting motivation tips“, reminded me of when I wrote a book with my students 5 years ago. The most popular chapter to write in was the one about motivation. So many students wanted to reflect on what motivated them and why hardly any teacher had asked them about it at school. They had been students ten years already so one would think motivation somehow had been part of the conversation. Here I am including some of the reflections my students shared after the project was finished. The book is still for sale here if you are interested in reading it! In the end, I am sharing the infographic from “Educational Technology and Mobile Learning” in case you are having trouble finding the right motivation/strategy to get things done. I know I am a master of procrastination when the tasks are low on my inspiration list! But I do know what motivates me and gives me the energy I need for my job every day, our students!

Reflections from my students


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– “I am sure this project has given every one of us a wider range of experiences. Not only have we learned how to write fuller articles (in English) on areas that were of interest to us. We have also gained a much wider vocabulary and knowledge in many different areas. We have taken part in meetings and conversations with people from different parts of the world. In addition, we have learned how to work independently, and at the same time stay focused and motivated throughout the entire process. That can actually be really hard.”

– “Some students are more enthusiastic than others. Our project was no exception, however we managed to motivate each other and lift each other up. As a project leader, I experienced eagerness among my fellow students. If they had some time left, they were quick to ask for something to do. I find this quality very valuable.”

– “In English class, we work with the curriculum goals. I think it is an excellent way to work. Why? Because when you are able to choose to work with something you are interested in, topics that catch your attention, the motivation goes up. I can remember several instances when I actually forgot I was doing school work, because the task I was given was so appealing that I almost could have done it outside school.”


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