Most likely to succeed

Changing schools can be scary

On the plane back from a delightful holiday in France, I saw this documentary. I knew about the school high tech high in San Diego and I follow Larry’s web page. I was also pleased to hear from famous educational visionaries like Tony Wagner, Sir Ken Robinson, Salman Khan, and Linda Darling-Hammond. The documentary stresses that this change is difficult and frightening for both students and teacher and that every school they visited was doing if differently. Many students and parents are skeptical as well. But arguably so, this would be a great documentary to show your staff and your students because however you view this, you are sure to have an opinion on the matter. And even if you can’t completely change your own school, you can certainly take elements from this and make it into your own. Talking about deeper learning, do we have a choice?

Most Likely To Succeed is a thought-provoking documentary feature film that reveals the growing shortcomings of conventional education methods in today’s innovative world. The film explores compelling new approaches that aim to revolutionize education as we know it, inspiring school communities to reimagine what students and teachers are capable of doing. To date, MLTS has screened for thousands of audiences around the world, igniting conversations and empowering change along the way. Share the film with your community to activate change now.

From Director Greg Whiteley (Last Chance U, Mitt,) and Executive Producer Ted Dintersmith (author, Most Likely to Succeed)



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