Teaching students how to correct common mistakes in English

How can we avoid the most common mistakes?

I am reading my students’ blogs, enjoyable reading by the way, and I am impressed with their writing. My students this year are 16 years old. After reading all the blogs today I have created a list of videos for them to watch to improve their writing. Here is what I found online. I’m including an informational video on the use of Grammarly. Most of my students use Grammarly and I am sure that is one of the most useful ways to avoid spelling mistakes. Useful videos to correct the most common mistakes. If you have anything to add to my list, please send me the links!

Lesson plan

  1. In groups of two choose one blog post each to read through and correct.
  2. Use the videos below to get useful points of common mistakes.

Look forward to or Looking forward to?

Subject-verb agreement

Possessive ’s and s’


Grammarly Review: Is it worth it, and what you NEED to know!

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