Teaching how to have a good conversation

Let’s first list up the competence aims we are looking at here

  • Evaluate and use suitable listening and speaking strategies adapted for the purpose and the situation
  • Express oneself fluently and coherently in a detailed and precise manner suited to the purpose and situation
  • Introduce, maintain and terminate conversations and discussions about general and academic topics related to one’s education programme

Lesson plan how can you change someone’s mind?

  1. In pairs discuss areas where you might disagree. Let’s say it is a favorite tv show, favorite meal, politics, school-related matters or something else.
  2. When you decide on your topic look at the first video that you find here:
  3. Based on the points in the video make a list of arguments you will use in your conversation.
  4. Make a video of the conversation you have, did you win the other person over with your strong arguments? Write a short reflection about this on your blog.

Lesson plan 10 ways to have a better conversation

  1. In pairs discuss people you know who are good listeners and who you have interesting conversations with
  2. Make a list of points to think about when having a conversation
  3.  Look at this statement and argue, is it true or not? Think about your family and your friends:  “most of us don’t converse very well“. Why not
  4. Watch the second video here and make a list of the 10 ways to have a better conversation. Take notes when you listen to the video.
  5. Make a video of your own where you have a conversation about the book you are reading and how it might relate to situations in your life or other relevant areas you might find. See if you can manage to use some of the 10 ways.
  6. Add another paragraph to your blog where you reflect on what you learned here and if you can use this in other aspects of your life. Could it be useful for other people you know?


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