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Politicians show the way

It is not easy to be a politician and they certainly get their load of funny comments. This short video by the Guardian is an amusing way to end the week.

The British prime minister has another go at dancefloor diplomacy after joining the head of UN Environment, Erik Solheim, on the UN campus in Nairobi to announce the launch of a new ‘plastic challenge’ badge for guides and scouts. She joined in a dance performance by some of the scouts.

It is the second time during her three-day trip to Africa that May has joined in a dance performance

Lesson plan

  1. In groups of 4 discuss if this is a good way for politicians to connect with people around the world. Do you think they are brave or foolish?
  2. Participating in a dance is not the only way a politician can face criticism and ridicule. Find other examples of famous politicians who have been ridiculed. Eating in public is also difficult.
  3. These days one might say that the president in the USA might be leading this competition. Let’s talk about, England, Ireland, Great Britain and the UK. In your group make a list of the countries in the UK and in Great Britain. Then listen to the video below to see if you agree with Donald Trump.
  4. What would worry you the most; that politicians are poor dancers or that they don’t know much about geography and history?
  5. Sometimes we feel sorry for politicians who are ridiculed in public. Do you think the media sometimes goes overboard? Like the video about Donald Trump below. Are the journalists mean or is what they say justified.
  6. Write a post on your blog called: my views on politicians today. Make it a funny commentary and include some photos.

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