Building 21 – competency based education

In my line of articles on this topic I want to share ideas and links from this Getting Smart article.

Competency-Based Learning Model

The goal of competency-based education is to transform our education system from a time-based system to a learning-based system. Instead of awarding credits based on how much time students spend learning (verified by summative assessment), this model awards credits when students can prove they have mastered competencies—the skills, abilities and knowledge required in an area of study. Put simply, competency-based education is not about time—it’s about what you know and are able to do.

Systems: Building 21 has developed an integrated suite of systems and tools to support our competency-based learning model. Our systems include:

  • Competency-based learning management system – Student-centered LMS and competency tracking system that allows students and teachers to track both work habits within problem-based studios and mastery of competencies.
  • Personalized Learning Plan – Student progress monitoring and planning system for students, families, teachers, and administrators. Provides real-time information on student progress and performance.
  • School Compass – Analytics engine for administrators, teachers, students, and families. Detailed reports and analysis at school level, classroom level, teacher level, and student level.

source: GettingSmart


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