The difference between being busy and being productive

I just read this article by John Spencer, where he discusses the difference between these two.  The picture below sums it up as does the video he John made that I have shared below.

Next year I will have more responsibilities than before, one being head of the school’s Student Support Services. The purpose of the Student support services is to assist all students who are facing a range of barriers to learning to achieve their educational and developmental potential by providing a range of strategies and specialized support at the individual, group, or school levels. It is an exciting task and I am planning to introduce a mixture of co-operative learning, blended learning, and Competency-Based Learning. Andy Hargreaves talks about the different strategies students use to avoid assessment. My thoughts are that Competency-Based Learning might be just what is needed to avoid difficult and stressful situations for our students who are struggling. We can do this if we work on FOSTERING A LEARNING-ORIENTED ENVIRONMENT.

And to be sure we all succeed, students, teachers, and school leaders we need to spend our time wisely and be productive rather than busy.

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