Teaching how to prepare for social studies oral exam

It is the time of the year again, exams, both written and oral. Next week many students in Norway will have the chance to show how well they know the material in an oral exam. They will be able to make a presentation and then afterward take questions from their teacher. A teacher from another school will monitor the process and ask questions when necessary. This is also the person who decides on the final exam grade. The students who are looking to succeed, need to prepare an interesting thesis. Preferable something that is intriguing, with a fresh take on a current topic. Here are some useful videos to watch and study before your exam.

Brexit: what is the UK’s backstop proposal?

Access to English; Social Studies. Informative website with documentaries and commentaries.

US election 2018: the race for Congress

Documentary at NRK, only for Norwegians: Cambridge analytica a threat towards democracy


I am not your negro, Nrk documentary Raoul Peck’s documentary I Am Not Your Negro has a “written by James Baldwin” credit in its opening sequence. At first this seems like a polite tip of the hat to the author, essayist and public intellectual who died nearly 30 years ago. Soon we realize this is an accurate statement of fact. Each line of the narration that permeates the film is taken directly from one of Baldwin’s texts or letters. His words dominate the archival clips as well. The Guardian.

US gig economy: data shows 16m people in ‘contingent or alternative’ work

G7 Summit: Macron talks tough as Trump plans blunt force diplomacy in Canada

A World in Disarray, a VICE special report, is a feature-length documentary that explores the disorder in today’s international landscape and how it plays out in four regions of conflict and tension. Starting with an exclusive interview with Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations and author of “A World in Disarray,” the special observes America’s role in a post-Cold War world and the unfolding consequences of an “America First” policy, with perspectives from Condoleezza Rice, Tony Blair, Samantha Power, Ash Carter, and others. Several VICE correspondents and founder Suroosh Alvi provide exclusive, never-before-seen footage as they journey through Syria, Ukraine, the South China Sea, and South Korea for first-hand accounts of ongoing crises. The special is available on HBO NOW, HBO GO, HBO On Demand, and affiliate portals.

More info on current affairs here;

NRK; Social differences in the capital of England. For Norwegian readers.


  1. Images can be much easier to remember during a test than note pages. Draw a picture while outlining or studying your notes to help you remember important facts.

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