Teaching the Do’s and don’ts of presentations!

Many students are are working on oral presentations as a way of the final assessment these days. They are usually started off by a presentation. Many of my students have been reading of notes they brought with them. That is the difference between those who get an A and those who don’t. Because if you really know your material, you are avoiding the don’ts automatically. I’m including the points from the article found at Educational Technology and Mobile Learning here.

Lesson plan

In groups of 2 read throught the do’s and don’ts and look at the infographic. Together make a presentation where you give advice to students preparing for their exam.

The key Do’s of presenting:

  • Practice your presentation
  • Introduce yourself to the audience
  • Maintain eye contact with the audience
  • Use props, handouts and videos for added interest
  • Always ask if the audience has any questions

The key Don’ts of presenting:

  • Talk at a steady speed, not too fast or too slow
  • Avoid reading from your slides at all costs
  • Try not to pace up and down due to your nerves
  • Avoid saying ‘um’ within a sentence
  • Try your best not to fidget with your hands

I’m also including the infographic, created by Walkerstone,


Please include attribution to walkerstone.com with this graphic.

Effective presentation skills infographic



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