2018 English Education Site Awards

I just received this email from the PoemOfQuotes.com. Thought I’d share it here. Hopefully, some might take the time to look at the other winners and find useful English Education Websites to use for English language education.

Congratulations Ms. Michaelsen,

I am writing to you because you have been chosen by our readers for one of our 2018 annual “Best English Education Website Awards.”  The “2018 Best English Education Website Awards” are given to the best websites for English-language educators and students.
You can view your site, and the other award winners here.
The “2018 Best English Education Website Awards” are an annual feature from PoemOfQuotes.com. Founded in 1998 POQ is one of the largest websites for poetry, writing, and English language education.  Every year, we give out awards to the top websites in English language education and literature, as chosen by our readers.


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