The Google you might not know about

Yesterday I attended a presentation with that title. It was a fun presentation with a lot of fun facts. Some might even be useful in the classrooms back home. The presenter Leslie Fisher was a fun presenter too, she obviously had a fan club of loyal followers too.

Here is her presentation click on it for the pdf

Click to access google_might_not_know_fisher.pdf

Here are some fun facts and places to visit

  1. The first Google Doodles
  2. A Google a day
  3. Google smarty pins – play a new game
  4. Google quick draw
  5. Google autodraw
  6. Google mystery animal
  7. Google experiments
  8. Google Field Trip
  9. Tour Builder
  10. Google Arts and Culture
  11. Let me google that for you – fun place to use when someone asks you simple questions
  12. Google instant street view
  13. Google Keep


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