A year with Trump, will he get three more?

I recently attended an event arranged by our national newspaper Aftenposten, Trump – Will he get three more years? I have to say, in Norway, there are a lot of people who love the United States, and who are worried about what is happening with the “new” president. It was a packed audience and a lot of laughter and engagement. Because no doubt, many of the events that have taken place this year could easily make you smile, if you decide on a humorous approach. And that is perhaps the smart way to go, to worry will not get you anywhere. At the end, we all voted for the outcome of the 2020 election, and most people actually believe he will win that election too. All I can say is Democrats, please be better prepared next time.

Lesson plan

Based on the material provided, and your knowledge of US politics,  write a satirical article for a newspaper or make a podcast. Post the result on your blog and share it on Twitter using some of the twitter handles found below.

  1. Watch video from the event. Two are in English. I especially enjoyed @eirikbergesen and his unique views on what has happened in the White House this year, and how this compares to what goes on in Norway. Not as different as we think……
  2. Listen to Pod Save America.
  3. In the Podcast, they mention Emily Post. Why?
  4. In the Podcast, they mention the dreamers, what is the deal there?
  5. Is this presidential? Pays off porn star.
  6. Read this article from FiveThirtyEight. On the event by Aftenposten, @ClareMalone answered the question; has Trump changed the USA.
  7. Comment on the two pictures provided. How do we define news?
  8. Follow the reporters from Aftenposten on Twitter;   @hannelier   @ChristinaPlett  @ronneberg  


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