Teaching Northern Ireland – Trouble and Conflict

It is difficult to talk about the Northern Ireland conflict without tying it to the ongoing Brexit negotiations.  Therefore this lesson plan will include the following topic: Brexit Countdown: Why is the Northern Ireland border question so hard? Source: BBC

Competency goal 

Elaborate on and discuss how key historical events and processes have affected the development of  British society.

Lesson plan


  1. Use this PowerPoint presentation to set the background, material used from NDLA
  2. Read and listen to this text; The Troubles, the 1960s to Today – Text in Brief, NDLA

Brexit Countdown – the issues.

Read the material provided below and watch the videos. Write an article on your blog using material from the PowerPoint presentation to explain why this is a controversial issue today. Be sure to include historical facts, the process of Brexit and the views and concerns from both sides of the border. Be sure to list your sources.

  1. For Norwegian speaking students, read this text from NRK;  Fikk pistol mot hodet
  2. The Atlantic; Northern Ireland Could Be Brexit’s Biggest Casualty. With no government in Belfast and the border issue unresolved, anxiety grows about the country’s future.
  3. The Independent; Brexit: What are the issues surrounding Northern Ireland’s border and could it scupper UK’s EU withdrawal? Everything you need to know about this crucial part of the negotiations.
  4. BBC News; Brexit Countdown: Why is the Northern Ireland border question so hard?


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