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Lindy – Norway

United Nations Sustainable Development Summit

Last week we were on an amazing mission, 16 students and 2 teachers from Norway, 16 students and 3 teachers from the Long Island USA. Our mission; to work on the 17 global goals. Great organizing from our hosts at Lindenhurst high school resulted in a whirlwind travel, from New York and the UN, Ellis Island, the 9/11 memorial……. 3 fully packed days with school, presentations, guest speakers, politician, and discussions, to top it all with 2 days in Washington DC. No need to say this was a very special experience for all involved.  See Padlet below to read each student’s one wow moment.

Buss ride from New York to Washington and back

The topics we touched were Sustainable Economic Growth, Employment, and Decent Work for All.  Achieve Gender Equality and Empower All Women and Girls. Quality education, life on land and below water. We had discussions about human trafficking, the conditions for animals we eat. We had discussions with a state senator and the mayor of Long Island.

In front of the Capitol Building

One goal that we already have reached is the 17th global goal, partnerships for the goals. Young people in Norway and Long Island have had the time to learn about each other and from each other. We are all better off because of this amazing partnership. The result will hopefully be informed and responsible citizens in both countries. Might, will we see some of these young people as politicians and policymakers in the years to come? Here are some of the places we visited.

New York

  1. Ellis Island
  2. 9/11 memorial
  3. Trinity Church and Graveyard, Federal Hall National Monument, Federal Reserve Bank and the Old Custom’s House.

    The Norwegian students in front of The White House
  4. Irish hunger memorial.
  5. Dinner at Fraunces Tavern, a landmark museum whose location played a prominent role in history before, during and after the American Revolution.
  6. Grand Central Station, one of New York City’s greatest architectural gems
  7. Miss Saigon a Broadway Show
  8. The Empire State Building Observatory.

Washington DC

  1. In the company of Albert Einstein

    The U.S. Supreme Court and the Library of Congress.

  2. The U.S. Capitol Building
  3. Visit the National Archives.
  4. Visit the Lincoln, Korean, Vietnam Veterans and FDR memorial
  5. The White House
  6. Albert Einstein
  7. Smithsonian

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  1. Hello Ann, Kristian, and your amazing students, Thank you so much for this lovely tribute. Our time with you could not have been better. We look forward to continuing our important work with you to sustain our precious planet. Talk to you soon. Linda Flannelly

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